Partner - Rent out your property with Sanders

Rent out your property with Sanders

Why Sanders?

Sanders manages hundreds of private and business-owned properties.

Managing a property requires hours of work in managing bookings, check-ins and cleaning.

Sanders removes the hassle of renting out your property, allowing you to spend your time and energy elsewhere.

Sanders Quality Stamp
Sanders will provide you with our signature quality S-stamp. A stamp that will not only ensure widespread recognition but also ensure high and uniform standards in our accommodation offerings.
 Sanders Quality Stamp

Benefits of relying on Sanders

Quality care

Leaving your home in the hands of complete strangers is a trust exercise. Trusting Sanders is knowing that we vet all tenants thoroughly and that we take every precaution regarding any concerns about misuse of your property.

Noise detector

24/7 monitoring for noise, temperature and occupancy limits. Our noise detectors and partnerships with security companies will help you (and your neighbours) sleep like a baby.

Right pricing

Sanders is a brand with a 24/7 sales department. We know how to price correctly in the different markets with a dynamic pricing model, which in the long run means more income for you.

Professional cleaning

If sharing your home and personal belongings with others feels like a big step, rest assured that our professional cleaning services will get the job done. Our quality control will always provide a move-in/move-out report to give you peace of mind.

Flexible cancelation

Sharing clients across properties in our portfolio means flexible cancelation opportunities, and if on short notice you want to use your own property, we simply relocate tenants to one of the other quality accommodations in our set-up.

Fair pay-out

Stalling is not our thing. Fair and square is. Therefore, you receive your money way ahead of us receiving it from our portal and not at the end of the month + 30 days. You are financially secured in case of counterparty risk, and we offer full transparency in our system so that you can always see how much you are going to make in the forthcoming period.

Market knowledge

Different markets, different rules, and regulations. Don’t worry, that’s our headache. This requires an understanding of details in different markets. Often licensing is required, and Sanders will happily take care of this issue for you.


When renting out your property, standard house insurance may not cover any furniture and house damage. Our Sanders insurance will.

Smooth operator

Sanders bring the clients

Our international sales and marketing team handle the bookings, and our strong loyalty program is developing a powerful Sanders living society.

Sanders Technology

Our App helps our clients have the ultimate experience, from booking their trip to checking in – and beyond. Our in-house tablet with the digital Sanders service manual provides extra comfort.

Sanders Booking platform

An indisputable part of being a smooth operator is a strong, reliable booking and channel management system. The system simultaneously goes out to all booking portals globally, including Tripadvisor,, Airbnb, Vrbo etc.