Top 6 Restaurants that Make Copenhagen Famous

For the past 10+ years, Copenhagen has made its way to the world map of places to visit, exclusively because of the city’s selection of great restaurants, the new Nordic food trend, and Scandinavian design. 

Some might even argue that the rise of Copenhagen as the desired destination is all thanks to Noma, the founding father of new Nordic food. Today, it’s not only about Noma any longer. Copenhagen has become the epicenter of great restaurants and great eats. People travel from all over the world to explore Copenhagen’s food scene. 

Here are six of the restaurants that all take a vital part in putting Copenhagen on the map of destinations to visit.

World’s best restaurant – Noma 

Refshalevej 96, 1432 Copenhagen

If you haven’t heard of Noma, you’ve lived under a rock. This restaurant has been the talk of the town ever since opening in 2003. One of the reasons is that Noma completely changed the perception of food – by going to the Danish forest and sourcing many of the ingredients from here – hence the name. Noma stands for nordisk mad (Nordic food) Another reason is that the restaurant has been nominated as the best restaurant in the world many years in a row. It currently holds the second place. 

To eat at Noma, you need reservations months in advance. You also need a big wallet, as the menu is around 2500 dkk. The wine pairing is 1350 dkk. If you’re willing to splurge, you’ll have a dining experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

Pro tip: If Noma is fully booked or doesn’t exactly fit your budget, check out Noma’s younger sister, Restaurant 108 that’s also located in Christianshavn and serves impeccable food, however, something that’s a little more budget-friendly. 

Urban rooftop farm and restaurant – Gro Spiseri

Æbeløgade 4, 2100 Copenhagen

As the first urban rooftop farm, Østergro is a unique spot. On top of an office building in a more residential part of Copenhagen, Østergro grows its own organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables that are served to the community of paying members of the urban farm as well as in the rooftop’s restaurant, Gro Spiseri. Inside an authentic and very cute-looking greenhouse with tons of string lights on the rooftop, guests are served fresh, organic, sustainable and delicious food sourced directly from the urban farm. 
Tables fill quickly so make sure to book a table.

Memorable dining experience at Geranium

Per Henrik Lings Allé 4, 8. 2100 Copenhagen

Noma isn’t the only Danish restaurant mentioned on the world’s best restaurant list. Geranium, another Copenhagen restaurant serving Nordic, forest-sourced food, is number five on the list. 

On top of the green park Fælledparken inside the building of the football arena, Geranium serves a dining experience to remember. It’s easier to get a table than at Noma, while the food and wine or juice pairing are impeccable. The menu costs 2600 dkk and a wine pairing ranges from 1600 dkk – 15.000 dkk.

World’s best burger at Gasoline Grill

Landgreven 10, 1300 Copenhagen + more locations

Right after opening in 2016, this burger joint was found on the list of the 27 best burgers in the world. That didn’t go unknown and right after, there would be a long line in front of Gasoline Grill every single day. The joint would regularly sell out completely, causing them to close early. 

To the burger eaters luck, Gasoline Grill has since opened up more joints making it easier to get your hands on the burgers, that are, in fact, amazing! 

The original Gasoline Grill joint is located inside a former gas station. Hence the name. One of their cool, newer joints, is located on the train station Vesterport.

Traditional smørrebrød at Aamanns 1921

Niels Hemmingsens Gade 19-21, 1153 Copenhagen

Before new Nordic food became a thing, there was the traditional Danish food such as fried pork, meatballs and smørrebrød, the infamous open-faced Danish sandwiches served on rye bread. 
Thanks to places like Aamanns 1921, this food tradition still lives on and locals, as well as visitors, go to Aamans 1921 to get some of the best smørrebrød in town. The restaurant is Michelin-recommended, has a gorgeous Danish design interior and features a menu with all the best of Danish traditional specialties.

Pizza at Bæst

Guldbergsgade 29, 2200 København

While pizza may not be Danish, Danes sure do like pizza! One of the best places to get pizza in Copenhagen is at Bæst (which translates to beast). Bæst is owned by the renowned chef Christian Puglisi that also owns a list of other famous, great restaurants all located in the neighborhood of Nørrebro. 

Besides pizza, the menu offers delicious appetizers and great drinks. While you can try your luck and walk-in, reserving a table is recommended. There are lots of pizza-craving guests at the restaurant every day and night!

Whether you have a budget that allows for Noma or Geranium of if a good pizza or a burger is more your thing, we hope that one or two of these six amazing, different restaurants will please your taste buds.

About the author:

Born and bred in Copenhagen, Caroline Sølver is the expert when it comes to everything Copenhagen, from the hippest spots to get your coffee fix, the nicest views, and the hidden gems. Caroline runs her own personal lifestyle blog Silver Stories and a podcast Silver Talks in which she shares her life, living between Copenhagen and NYC, where she runs a cafe with her partner and is currently working on two more guidebooks for NYC and Copenhagen. Follow along for her best tips to Copenhagen.