We carry your needs

Sanders’ mission is to deliver exceptional stay, service and experience for all.

What we do

We are here because no one else is. Or at least not any major players with the same professional and experienced all-around set-up. Sanders is the only brand in the market combining private, A-location property rentals with hotel quality service, acting on huge demand and even bigger potential.

Who we are

Sanders is a high-end quality brand with built-in uniqueness. We build on the foundation of the highly successful Nordic Housing concept and two decades of experience in the rental market. In 2017 Sanders separated from Nordic Housing to focus only on short-term rentals.
And in 2021, we decided to expand the short-term rental business globally and rebranded the business to Sanders.

Our values

Professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness are the very core values we exert ourselves to live and act by every day. Taking the management burden off the landlord’s shoulders and providing comfort, coziness, and high-end service for tenants is our passion. We ensure the interrelationship between us is smooth, lean, and hassle-free.

Our vision

Our vision is ambitious. Not exactly breaking news, visions normally are. So, where do we differ? Well, we take clever decision-making and add willpower and more than two decades of experience combined with an indisputable fast track from what is a splendid idea to real action.

Our dedicated team